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Take Advantage Of The Effectiveness Of Sign Spinners

Lighthouse Advertising Group is committed to bringing the most cost effective marketing solutions possible. This commitment has led to the incredible growth and success of our Human Directional and Sign Spinner department. We provide industry leading Human Directional services, as well as the highest quality custom directional and sign spinning arrow signs. We will get the job done on time, every time, and with pinpoint precision.

Increase Sales & Traffic With A Sign Spinner Or Human Directional

Human Directionals, also known as sign spinners, sign flippers or sign twirlers, will increase visibility, drive foot traffic, promote your brand and can almost guarantee instant results for your campaign. This form of advertising is a growing marketing tool that is hard to ignore- because it works.  At Lighthouse Advertising Group we provide top caliber Sign Twirler staff and experienced supervisors that will point customers to your location with a message that can’t be missed.

Trust Our Marketing Experience With Sign Twirlers

Lighthouse Advertising Group has a proven track record in marketing solutions and human directionals or sign twirlers is just another way for us to help direct traffic to your location. This unconventional advertising trend has grown because of its cost effectiveness and the great results it has produced. Let Lighthouse Advertising Group put on a Boulevard Bang for you!

Our Custom Sign Spinning Arrow Signs Are The Industries Finest

We provide free graphic design and artwork layouts on all of our custom Arrow Signs.  All of our arrow signs and directional signs are digitally printed in full color, which creates the highest quality and best looking sign spinning signs in the industry.  We also add custom handles that are specially designed for the proper and easy maneuvering of the arrow signs.  Call or email us today for more information on Sign Flippers.


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